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The use of plastic has been widespread. Since its use has created profound convenience to people around the globe, it has replaced many common materials. Plastic has proved itself to be an indispensible tool in terms of its strength, weight, convertibility, clarity and so forth. A survey shows that in 2017, the production of plastic globally has been 365 million tons and the market size of Plastic products is USD 635 billion.

Plastic was invented and patented by Alexander Parks in 1862, In 1869 Jhon Wesly Hyatt developed synthetic polymer and substituted ivory. Leo Baekeland invented thermosetting Plastic Bakelite and subsequently between 1920-30 Polyester, PET, PVC and Polyethylene was developed. In 1954 Giulio Natta developed Polypropylene and subsequently Nylon.

All information, statistics, data, study, published research paper, production process and many more relating Plastic industry will be available in this website from different authentic sources. This will benefit policy makers, researchers, industry insiders, professionals and stakeholder for their use purposes.

One of the biggest advantages of plastic is how cost effective it is to make. Plastic is easily recyclable and requires lesser energy to produce compared to other packaging alternatives available.

This site will be formally operational from 1st January 2019. We appreciate your suggestion & comment how to make the site more beneficial & useful.

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